Colin Kaepernick Takes A Knee For The Latest Cover of ‘TIME’ Magazine


As of lately, we’ve seen San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick using his platform to protest the Black lives being lost at the hands of police. What started as the athlete taking a knee during America’s national anthem has lead to his now infamous pose on the cover of TIME magazine.

Kaepernick, a natural born leader on and off the field, has inspired not only other NFL players but also young aspiring athletes to follow suit. “Fueling a debate about privilege, pride and patriotism, Kaepernick’s protesting was caused by the tension between black people and the cops and is not just one more race issue roiling the nation: it is the key one. It is the central cause of black people’s sense of general alienation, the first thing that comes up when you ask black people why they think racism defines their lives. It was what the Panthers were all about, what gangsta rap was all about, what the O.J. Simpson vigilante-justice verdict was all about, and it’s no accident that today’s most prominent civil rights effort, Black Lives Matter, began as a protest against the cops. The sense of the cops’ authority as illegitimate only makes it easier for underserved black men to seek employment on the black market of drug sales. The cop issue helps destroy black communities,” shared TIME‘s Sean Gregory.

The fact is that there are way too many lives being taken, and things must change. Taking a lesson from the star quarterback and many others before him, we all must do our part. It’s refreshing to see so many athletes band together to join the efforts in creating this change. For more, be sure to pick up your copy of the issue on October 3rd.

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