Brent Faiyaz Unveils Intense “Gang Over Luv” Visual

Earlier today, Sonder member Brent Faiyaz released a rebelliously raw visual for “Gang Over Luv” from his debut solo album Sonder Son. Meshing authentic behind-the-scenes reels with the video, Faiyaz is found walking & riding a motor bike before later lighting a cigarette and then a plane on fire. Each vividly cinematic scene gets its visual-poetry essence from the dedication of director Noah Lee who can literally be heard in his element between takes.

Optic aesthetics aside, another deeply moving layer is added to the track by Brent who laces in the powerfully sobering, spoken word spot from “First World Problemz/Nobody Carez.” He says, “Everybody want a motherfucking Benz or Beamer and designer sneakers. Ain’t no motherfucking dreamers deeper than Neiman Marcus… people don’t give no fucks nigga. Trump don’t give a fuck. Your niggas don’t give a fuck. Your favorite artist don’t give a mother-fucking fuck. Do YOU give a fuck? Nigga.

“Gang Over Luv” is the first visual from Sonder Son and is accompanied by new merch now available on Faiyaz’s website. Watch the video above.

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