Blood Orange’s ‘Freetown Sound’ Released Early


Earlier this month, Dev Hynes released cover art for his second Blood Orange album, and just last week we told you about him sharing the 17 song tracklist via Instagram in DIY style with the scheduled release date of July 1st. Well, Hynes graciously decided to end our anxious anticipation since Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound was released a couple of days early. Drawing inspiration from the capital of his father’s birthplace, Sierra Leone, the album title is emblematic of the historic and current topics addressed in the lyrical content.

An immutable fact is that Dev Hynes epitomizes black boy magic. His ability to use alternative music as the backdrop to melodic discussions of love, life and injustices is breathtaking. On “Hands Up,” you hear impactful lyrics that reflect on the struggles with the daily fears that come with being a minority. “Squash Squash” holds desperate pleas that are serenaded to a lover over heavy bass grooves and horn lines.

Dev has been quoted as saying, “The record is slightly A.D.D,” but when a body of work recalls a life of expansive complexities, it’s quite easy to understand. Freetown Sound is relatable and loveable with the strikingly unique sound that endeared Blood Orange to fans from the beginning. You can stream the album below, and be sure to purchase here.

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