Black to the Future


February… the 28 days where we celebrate the overabundance of Black excellence throughout time. Always looking ahead however, the art world has declared the next four weeks, Black Future Month. From lectures to gallery shows, the focus is where we are going while injecting ourselves into the otherworldly.

With her amazing Super Bowl performance Sunday night, icon Missy Elliot is seemingly in everyone’s tweets right now. In thinking of afrofuturist artists though, her name is often lost in between the Octavia Butlers and Sun Ras of the world. For many of us, millenial R&B was our first introduction to the idea of Blacks existing beyond the now. Missy, Timberland, and Busta Rhymes made the sound while Hype Williams created the visuals.

Joining in on the celebration of Black Future Month, check out some of our favorite afrofuturistic videos.

Missy Elliott, “Sock it 2 Me”

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson, “What’s it Gonna Be”

Janet Jackson & Michael Jackson, “Scream”

Missy Elliot & 702, “Beep Me 911”

TLC, “Scrubs”

Busta Rhymes, “Gimme Some More”

Blaque, “808”

Erykah Badu, “Didn’t Cha Know”

Kelis, “Get Along with You”

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