BJ The Chicago Kid Sings National Anthem at President Obama’s Farewell Address

Last night, Americans sat in front of their televisions/laptops to watch the nation’s first Black president bid us adieu. President Barack Obama delivered touching words live from his hometown of Chicago that inspired our hope, praised our resilience and encouraged our perseverance. While we’re all terribly sad to see him go, the night started on a high note with a performance of the U.S. National Anthem from fellow Chicagoan BJ The Chicago Kid.

The R&B sensation has seen tremendous success recently after having released his In My Mind album (and completing an international tour of the same moniker) which earned him a few Grammy nominations. Watch BJ’s shamelessly soulful rendition of the American National Anthem at the 5:41:23 mark followed by Obama’s heartfelt Farewell Address in the video above.

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