Saint Heron’s Armina Mussa Talks Art Spaces & ‘Unknown, Wyoming’ With Westwood Westwood

Our very own Armina Mussa  has been one of the creative masterminds behind all things Saint Heron since our fruition, alongside Solange Knowles. Armina’s visual art book Unknown, Wyoming was released last year as an honest and heart-tugging visual display and reflection piece. Now, she shares her origins within the art world, story behind Saint Heron, and the creatuve process behind her book in her latest interview with Westwood Westwood.

Along with the interview, Saint Heron videographer Nisa East directed a companion visual with music scored and produced by our resident DJ, Kyle Woods. It’s a visceral, pensive display of New Orleans, Saint Heron’s home, and an ode to its stillness, its muted tones and the impenetrable spirit it holds within its borders. You can watch the artful visual above, read the full interview here, and check out some key quotes below.

On creating an authentic, creative space:

“I’ve always had these very deep connections with whatever I was doing artistically, so creating a reality where I could constantly unfold and discover myself personally seemed like a no brainer. I always wanted to emulate through my life and share with others if I had the opportunity.”

On creating Saint Heron:

“The inspiration springs from a lot of pain and passion, and our sensibilities in an effort to achieve what is owed to other black artists—a safe space that’s our very own.”

On working on Unknown, Wyoming:

“I worked on it everyday for almost two months, which is kind of ridiculous for a 22 page book only using 11 images total. It was a constant process of trying new arrangements that told my story from a very cryptic lens, but ultimately how I felt at the moment: defeated, confused, heartbroken, depressed. The images tell a very underlying story using symbols masked as objects.”

On the future:

“I’m currently in Tokyo for most of the month preparing new work as an extension of Unknown, Wyoming. The idea is to return home and have my first solo show with the work I’ve created here to finally share my whole truth after two years, and to ultimately move forward and take form to what ever is next for me as an artist.”

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