Amaal Said’s Must-See Photography Embraces Beauty Within Women Of Color


It’s nice to see that Amaal Said’s poetic flare hasn’t left her aesthetic since transitioning into photography. Regularly casting women of color as her primary muse, the Danish-born Somali photographer and poet has a knack for capturing beauty in it’s most natural state.

Amaal simply wishes to utilize her talents to bring people together. Currently based in London, UK, the multifaceted artista hopes to widen the representation of colored women through her pervasive portraits. According to her self-written bio, she’s primarily concerned with storytelling and how she can best connect with people to document their stories. She want’s to be remembered for exactly who she is now, thus, why she also chooses to capture indicative self portraits like the one pictured above.

I’m proving my own existence in a way,” Said told The Huffington Post. “I’ve been incredibly insecure for most of my life. That doesn’t go away easily. I was amazed at the transformation and being able to shut down the voice in my head that makes me want to be smaller and quieter. Mostly it doesn’t feel like me. But I’m keeping a scrapbook now and documenting the bad days too by taking self-portraits. It’s been a form of healing.”

View more of Amaal Said’s breathtaking portraits below.









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