A New Animated Series Explores the Sophistication of Afrofuturism with Sun Ra

Journalist and filmmaker Sama’an Ashrawi is the brainchild behind an awesome, new animated series exploring Afrofuturism using some of the real life trailblazers behind the culture-centric, Sci-Fi aesthetic. In just over 2 ½ minutes, the first experience maps cosmic captain Sun Ra’s journey into the stars through music. Delving into the various distinctive aspects of Afrofuturism’s sophistication, the Sun Ra installment exposes the beauty of this real life magic as a form of escapism and spirituality.

As a bonus to the already captivating series, this pilot episode is scored with the equally cosmic sounds of Arima Ederra. U.K. wonder angel Little Simz will narrate each chapter, and subsequent experiences will feature Missy Elliott, Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton and Uhura (from Star Trek) as subjects. Until the next episode, watch the fascinating, melinated, astral goodness that is Sun Ra’s Afrofuturist pilgrimage above.

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