Video: Solange Knowles & Toyin Odutola Interview w/ NOWNESS


Artwork by Toyin Odutola

Solange and talented Nigerian visual artist Toyin Odutola share their mutual love and appreciation in the last offering of NOWNESS and EDITION Hotel‘s series, “On Collaboration“. Watch the inspiring back-and-forth interview above and read a snippet of the featured post below.

I think the essence of collaboration is being able to lay yourself on the line,” says singer and songwriter Solange Knowles, discussing visual artist Toyin Odutola’s powerful pen-and-marker works that explore identity in the fifth and final part of NOWNESS’ series created in conjunction with EDITION Hotels. “The best collaborations are not knowing what to expect; being completely open-minded and having a sense of vulnerability.” In this episode entitled “Inspiration,” the pair unpack their shared appreciation for one another: Knowles’ first correspondence with Odutola was after she looked to track down the artist’s intricate, embossed pieces after a sold-out exhibition at New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery; she went on to commission an artwork which brought the two creatives closer.

Read the rest via NOWNESS.

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