Audio: Xavier Omär, “Runnin’ Round”

Xavier Omär

When Xavier Omär loves you, you can count on him for straight talk to reel you back should you ever stray too far from who he fell in love with. But not in a helplessly weepy “baby, please come back to me” kind of way. Today, the Texas-born singer-songwriter shares his latest single “Runnin’ Round” which boasts some serious self-love as he prioritizes his personal value over his lover’s shifty behavior. Amidst a mellow beat, the track’s simple melody adds a tuneful flair to Omär’s direct lyrics where he calls his muse out for the change to her promise of love and lets her know it’s over. “I hope it inspires people, not just to know their worth, but to uphold it,” he says of “Runnin’ Round.” Listen below and be sure to catch Xavier Omär when he hits your city on the Pink Lightning tour.

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