Audio: Vanessa White, “Good Good”

If we ain’t stoppin’ what’s the use for break lights?” asks Vanessa White in her steamy new song, “Good Good.” Pulled from her forthcoming EP, Chapter Two, due out this spring, “Good Good” is another sultry gem that highlights the singer/songwriter’s unique approach to R&B. Fearlessly sexual, the London native finds the perfect balance between raunchy and sensual.

“It’s a song about being honest with your sexuality and going for what you want without holding back and not having to listen to other people’s opinions,” White shared with The FADER. “I’ve always been that way and most probably always will be. I’m not afraid to be sexual. I think that’s the Scorpio in me. With relationships, people always have something to say but I always prefer to find out for myself rather than listening to others, and the song touches on that.” Start your weekend off right and listen above.

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