Audio: SZA, “Broken Clocks”


SZA pours out her confidence in moving forward on the third single from CTRL, “Broken Clocks.” Declaring she has no interest in a past love’s toxicity, the singer-songwriter lyrically explains that she’s beyond being the ride-or-die companion she once was now that her time is dedicated to the hustle. Despite the hardships of their relationships, SZA admits she still has love for the song’s muse and apologizes for her “faded” rant. In a very unexpected plot twist, however, the song ends with the West Coast-based songstress in a conflicted state of thought. “Think I forgot you love me,” she recalls before the song closes with a refrain of that fact.

We’ve got just seven days left on the countdown to CTRL. Until June 9th when it’s released, listen to the honest “Broken Clocks” below.

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