Audio: St. Beauty, “Borders”


St. Beauty has the pedal to the metal in their new jam “Borders.” The track opens with the same haunting coos from the trailer-teaser, but finds the Atlanta Soul duo deeply allured by escapism after losing a lover. A strong guitar presence sets an off-kilter melody for Alex and Isis’ smooth, full vocals. “Tell me where to go when the love has died,” Alex sings in her verse while Isis declares, “I’m not sorry/ I won’t apologize for my freedom.” Like a cloud, “Borders” is big but light. It’s airy and strong with the most beautiful harmonies perfectly placed in the bold but delicate pre-chorus.

These ladies carry out skillfully unique vocal control, eclectic style and supreme writing ability in everything they touch. Flee the noise and escape with St. Beauty in “Borders” below, and be sure to support by downloading the single via iTunes.

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