Audio: SassyBlack, “I’ll Wait For You”

sassyblackAhead of her sophomore release, SassyBlack returns with a new track “I’ll Wait For You.”

An eclectic blend of electronic, soul, and jazz, Catherine “Cat” Harris-White expands on the benefits of “waiting” while in love and investing in someone you believe in. “Sometimes you fall for someone in an unbalanced fashion, HARD,” she shared with Nylon. “You love them, but you can’t figure out how to deal with how indecisive they are about anything from their career to friends and family to your relationship, but you believe in it so you wait. You give them space, but when you come back to your love, it’s fresh and sexy and loving. It all revolves around love and that expression of ultimate pleasure. It always comes back to being present, passionate, and patient.”

SassyBlack’s New Black Swing is due out June 23, but in the meantime listen to the single in full below.

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