Audio: Ravyn Lenae, “Sticky”

Ravyn Lenae

We were already eagerly anticipating a full length album from Ravyn Lenae after the release of her Midnight Moonlight EP and now that she’s spicing up our playlists with a new single, the eager meter is likely to explode. In “Sticky,” the Chicago-haling songstress’ signature breathy vocals introduce their sassy falsetto side while Lenae tunefully explains a shameless love allegiance atop musician/producer/vocalist/songwriter Steve Lacy‘s genius production. Adding a Funk twist to his signature, beachy strings, The Internet member’s skillful expertise perfectly complements Ravyn Lenae’s versatility. “I stick around when things are falling down/ I need a reason for me to leave him,” she sings of her glue-like devotion to the lyrics’ muse.

“Sticky” is one of more to come from the duo since the singer-songwriter’s next project is “entirely” produced by Lacy. You can listen to it below.

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