Audio: Olawumi, “My Fault”


Olawumi returns today with the first single from her forthcoming project Moody. “My Fault” is a reflective ode to the hindsight wisdom accompanying that “you had me fucked up” moment after a break up. As the singer’s memories serve instance after instance where she should have left, she takes blame for the loving loyalty that kept her at his side. Fed up and fully aware of her own worth, Olaumi gracefully puts her former lover on notice that it’s too late to turn back and we’re willing to bet it sucks to be that guy, right now.

‘My Fault’ …is based around a conversation I had with my ex before things ended. The producer of the song, Black Youth, is a 20-year-old native of Indianapolis who was going through his own situation at the time. Through our pain we created something beautiful,” Olawumi said.

Moody is due later this year. For now, listen to Olawumi’s smoky, Bluesy vocals set the record straight over emotional 808s and heaving percussion in “My Fault” below.

Photography by DaiJohn McLaurin

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