Audio: Masego & Brasstracks, “Melanin Man”


Masego’s infectious energy shines through on “Melanin Man,” a remarkably vibey jam that feels like love, pride and empowerment. The classic instrumentation yields an uncontrollable urge to two step, while the lyrics highlight cultural appropriation, injustice and social matters minus the melancholic furnishings.

Brasstracks explained the tracking was inspired by early soul music while Masego’s penning was the result of his own conversation with an Uber driver and a sincere urge to “promote self-love in efforts to heal hate.”

Our beloved TrapScat King known affectionately as Uncle Sego maintains his matchless, dulcet vocal style as he confidently sings of Black manhood’s delight. With lyrics like, “my culture is your new trend,” “Melanin Man” is a charmingly powerful raised fist in song form. Check it out below.

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