Audio: LOUIS VI, “Question Mark” feat. Denai Moore


Louis VI returns with his second single from the Lonely Road of the Dreamer EP entitled “Question Mark.” With jazzy instrumentation, the cut finds the vulnerable South London native’s slow-simmering bars spilling honest emotion. And while LOUIS VI shares his experience with identity issues, depressed feelings and the immense pressures to succeed, the lovely Denai Moore’s vocals are twined between verses to soften the track’s grit.

VI has been quoted as saying, “I felt like people were questioning my every move, questioning if I was doing it right, even questioning me as a person; in the end basically labelling me as A QUESTION MARK. So I decided to embrace that and try and be a voice for the people that don’t have all their shit together like me. Sometimes you got be like “fuck it, don’t overthink this, just do you.

Check out “Question Mark” below.

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