Audio: Keith Tutt II, “Go”

Keith Tutt II

Whether you identify as empathic or not, there’s no doubt that much of the world’s burdened energy has had you in jaded disarray one way or the other. And with much of our day to day feeling like a tug of war between self and collective conscious, a common theme among all artists, creatives and general go-getters has been doubt and/or a little fear. Emerging artist Keith Tutt II has an uplifting message to fumigate your mind and heart so that it’s clear of all the counterproductive thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back. Titled “Go,” the dreamy number urges its listener to “break free and live” in the possibilities conceived by whatever the heart desires.

This song explores the sometimes overwhelming distance fear puts between our dreams and our action,” the multi-instrumentalist and composer said of debut new single. He continued, “Music is powerful. I believe it’s the greatest connector humans have, and I’m mindful of that when creating. It single handedly blurs lines that divide – it’s my duty to use it to uplift.

Listen to Keith Tutt II’s “Go” below.

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