Audio: India Shawn, “Water Me” Feat. Alex Isley and Ré Lxuise

India Shawn

If you follow India Shawn’s socials, you’re probably checking in regularly to make sure you haven’t missed the release of that new project she’s been hard at work on. And for those of us with Outer Limits (and Origin for that matter) still in frequent rotation, there’s a new cut to cue up after “Galaxies” in your playlists. “Water Me” returns the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter to the pulp of mellow yet consistently supernal harmonies that incessantly trickle from the fruit of her raspy tone. Celestial songstress Alex Isley and ‘90s-baby crooner Ré Lxuise join the lyrically humble surrender with matching pleas to reconcile issues with a lover atop the track’s spacey, rhythmic synth chorus.

“Water Me” is sentimentally mature and warm like whiskey by candlelight. Listen to India, Alex and Ré Lxuise revive “beggin’ & pleadin’” R&B with feminine grace below.

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