Audio: H.E.R., “Your Way”


Goddess of mystery H.E.R. returns with another moody, after-hours ballad. In “Your Way” the songstress samples Aaliyah’s “Come Over” as teased on the fallen singer’s birthday last month. H.E.R.’s flipped version turns her subtle love pleas from Vol. 1 upside down as she unabashedly seduces a lover with promises to fulfill his deepest desires exactly the way he requests. “I ain’t even gotta front/ I can never get enough/ We can do whatever you want to do/ You can have it your way,” she sings.

The warm, blue hue that H.E.R. uses to shelter her identity beams from the bass-heavy track like pleasurably violent sunrays. And with a voice that is the musical equivalent of a silk gown cascading down bare skin, the Los Angeles-based artist is the dreamy R&B antidote we never knew we needed, but can no longer live without. If music had a north star, I’d declare H.E.R. it for her natural talent, unwavering focus and flaw-free execution of creative individualism. Listen to the miraculously alluring “Your Way” below.

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