Audio: Empress Of, “Go To Hell”


Empress Of of is back and blossoming on her own terms with her brand new self-produced single “Go To Hell.” On the track, Rodriguez has a PSA for her haters.  With lyrics like “Tell me about my potential/ And if you were me what you would do/ You like the sound of your own voice/ Is this conversation an interview,” she affirms that she is blazing her own trail and is not at all phased by nay-sayers.  

“This song is very much about a specific thing that happened to me that hurt me and now I laugh with joy every time I hear it. This is the power of music,” she shared on the Caroline Polachek co-written single. With an album in the works and a brilliantly witty and totally boss pop single, we are anticipating what is to come for Empress Of.  For now, get into “Go To Hell” below.

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