Audio: Diana Gordon, “Kool Aid”

Diana Gordon

Diana Gordon‘s first single of the year has arrived and it’s a tuneful dreamscape of sweet nostalgia and undying love. The NYC-born singer/songwriter packs Punk and Soul elements into “Kool Aid,” a heartfelt attestation that welcomes the lyrics’ muse(s) to her forever-open arms. Metaphorically singing of a childhood staple drink to bring that universal sense of home to mind, Gordon’s pleasingly gritty vocals express conscious connection that lasts longer than any of life’s circumstances and travels farther than any physical distance.

Whether a family member, lover or friend, if you’re fortunate enough to receive love from Diana Gordon, you’re automatically always granted access to a springing well of home’s syrupy sweet affection. Listen to the strong, yet tender, “Kool Aid” below.

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