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“The List” is our exclusive series that highlights select artists and the various, random things that they’re currently into and inspired by. Ranging from all creative facets, this series shall serve as your go-to for all things visionary and artistic.

Over the past month, I’ve fallen deep into the catalogue from R&B songbird Ameriie. Deep cuts like “Nothing Like Loving You” and “I Just Died” are far too good for the soul to ever forget. While the D.C. native first caught our ears in the early 00’s with the soundtrack to our summer months on “Talkin’ To Me,” she now has her hands tied into a slew of different avenues and industries. She’s currently writing her own novel, hosts her very own Vlog on YouTube entitled “Books Beauty Ameriie,” travels the world, and still manages to drop off EP releases here and there.

To get to know the real Ameriie outside of the music, I recently sat down with the veteran songstress as we reminisced on our love for The Louvre, searched YouTube for ghost stories, and looked into a few new reads. Grab some inspiration as you check out Ameriie’s favorite things below!

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

What I find most interesting is that this book isn’t just a story about how one person finds freedom. It’s more of a diagnostic on where America was at that time in history and, to me, it parallels where we are now. The author explores why Americans felt the way that they did about owning other people, how many felt about the land and the feeling of being entitled, and the dynamic between rich white southerners and poor white southerners. Its a wonderful book because not only does it depict the pain and everything that came with slavery but also touches on the mentality of where we were and why we still face similar issues.


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This read is like a self-knowledge book. The author really breaks down the ego and what drives us as human beings. You’ll read this book and learn how to check yourself and how to separate the voice that’s in your head from the voice that you think is just you, as they’re not always the same.


Nada’s “Tutto L’Amore Che Mi Manca”

Something about this song makes me want to cry. I’m not sure what it’s bout exactly, but, to me, the song represents the beauty of death. Not the fatality of death, but representing death as the beginning. There’s something really beautiful and bittersweet about it.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

My hands are usually dry because I wash them nearly 20 times a day. I don’t know why, but I always have to keep my hands clean! [laughs] This product is the best hand cream! It’s the most wonderful, non-sticky, “my skin is just like this” cream. Seriously, its the best!


Chintz Prints and Patterns

You know, the big explosion of floral on print?! I love chintz everything! I’ll take a chintz cup, plate, teapot, blanket, wallpaper.. I’ll take it all. I’m so obsessed that I want to create a room with everything in chintz print!

chintz 2



I still love them, but I used to be really obsessed with atlases when I was a child. I would open up a really huge atlas and my sister and I would use our fingers to visualize and create different journeys. I would make up stories about mermaids, where they lived and where the land and sea was! I would have an entire story played out just from the atlas because I loved the idea of maps.


The Louvre

The Louvre is so magical. When I was younger, I wanted to be an egyptologist, so I’m really into ancient pieces and history.




Unexaplainable Videos on YouTube & The “What If?”

What I love most about these types of videos is the “what if?” question. I’m thinking about “what if?” all day long. For example, I like to think, “What if we’re driving on a highway and an alien ship starts attacking the city? Where are we going, how are we getting there?” No one ever listens to me [laughs], but I wonder!

Michio Kaku & Neil deGrasse Tyson

We’re so blessed to have these two on this planet! Both are two of my favorite scientists because they’re able to explain and walk an average person through concepts like space, time travel, and quantum physics. If you’re a person that wants to get into science but you’re feeling intimidated, then their books are a great way to get into it!


Kakula has the most delicious artwork. Her work is very classical, whimsical and rich in texture, similar to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, but there’s always a very bittersweet and dark tone there. I love multi-tonal things; things that are one way on the surface, but when you dig deeper there is a hidden message.


kaula 2

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