Stream Lorna Williams’ ‘Locus’ Playlist Ahead of Next Week’s “Roll Back, Say That” Artist Talk

We’re just slightly more than a week away from our artist talk with Lorna Williams. So, we asked the New Orleans native to give our readers and “Roll Back, Say That” attendees an idea of what the figurative art she produces means to her. If you’re familiar with Williams already, you know she uses commonly overlooked/forgotten materials to create meaningful creative works. What you may not have known is that each creation is from her soul’s projection of the many stages of life and death. She says, “I am fascinated by the functions that all materials, whether human-made or natural, are subject to performing and am always searching for the possible relationships among them—always seeking to assemble, arrange and connect them in ways that speak to concepts that I am visually processing. The material and figurative interconnectedness of my works creates an on-going mythology that speaks of life and death, birth and decay.

Lorna believes in the “the power of art-as-ritual”. So with that same energy, she curated her Locus playlist. This compilation of ritualistic cuts includes the soulfully mellow “Didn’t Cha Know” by Erykah Badu, Alice Coltrane’s entrancing “Journey in Satchidananda”, otherworldly vibes from James Blake’s “I Hope My Life,” the deep rooted “Brown Baby” by Nina Simone and many more. Kick back with Locus on repeat as you check out some of Lorna Williams’ breathtaking pieces in the photographs below.

Also, if in New Orleans, be sure to join us on Saturday November 5th for Lorna William’s “in’hərənt lore” show, an artist talk moderated by the cultural practitioner and entrepreneur, Gia Hamilton, and an after party that will have you leaving all of your woes on the dance floor. More information here.












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