Solange Debuts ‘SCALES’ Performance Piece at the Menil Collection & Pérez Art Museum Miami

solo menil

Recently, our own Solange composed and choreographed two performances described as an “examination of protest as a meditation through movement and experimentation of unique compositions and arrangements from ‘A Seat at the Table’.” Set in museums, each performance gives space to Black artistry and patronship, and turns the idea of museum exhibitions as we know them into a safe space for activism through creative expression.

While discussing her collaboration with the Menil Collection in Houston, TX and Pérez Art Museum Miami, Solange shared, “I wanted to build on the conversation that existing as Black women and men, going out in the world everyday is an act of protest in itself. That the way we use or bodies and voices to occupy the space and time through movement is a gesture of protest as well. Expressing that through various mediums has always been part of the plan in the trajectory of where and how I’d like this album to reach people. I’ve really enjoyed delivering these messages in the context of a performance piece with natural light, creating a palette to communicate that, and removing ourselves from stages in order to see eye to eye with the receiver.”

View photos from both performances below.

solo menil 2


solo menil 3

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Photography: Enmi Yang, Cary Fagan, & Pérez Art Museum Miami

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