R&B Songs That Should Be Played At Every Wedding


Weddings are awesome, beautiful, and full of love, but they are nothing without good champagne and amazing R&B tunes. In honor of Solange’s epic weekend nuptials, we’re shouting out our favorite “I do” jams.

Pure Soul, “We Must Be In Love”
This is easily the best wedding song of all time. This was Pure Soul’s only hit, but those nasty soprano runs live forever.

Jodeci, “Love You For Life”
There was this glorious time in the 90s when Jodeci reigned supreme and Mr. Dalvin and T-Boz were madly in love. All of this served as the perfect backdrop for one of Jodeci’s biggest hits and a tearjerker of a video.

Case, “Happily Ever After”
Millennial weddings were all about this song. “Let’s Get Married” is forever and always, but “Happily Ever After” was way more heartfelt. The video was also the blueprint to the perfect proposal. Are you guys paying attention?

Des’ree, “Kissing You”
Remember when Des’ree performed this song in the film “Romeo + Juliet” and we were all lodged in our feelings? It’s been over a decade and “Kissing You” still leaves folks weak in the knees. This would be the perfect first dance song. Make-out session on the dance floor is required.

Kindred The Family Soul, “Stars”
The Ossie and Ruby of music have so many amazing songs fit for a wedding, but none hold a candle to “Stars”. The verses read like wedding vows, so if you and bae really want to up the ante, nix the wedding singer, and belt this out to each other.

Anita Baker, “You Bring Me Joy”
Anita Baker is queen of everything, so it’s only right to have her on this list. “You Bring Me Joy” is not only a vocal triumph, but lyrically one of the rawest songs about love ever recorded. Make sure the ushers have tissues on deck!

Pharrell, “Gust Of Wind”
Who says all wedding songs have to be slow and mellow? “Gust of Wind” is the perfect first dance jig. Just don’t be corny and do that whole choreographed wedding party dance thing.

Monica, “Love All Over Me”
With lyrics like “You put the color back in my life / and now where there was black and white / love made me iridescent,” we’re pretty sure that “Love All Over Me” is a top contender for best wedding jam. Furthermore, Monica met Shannon Brown on the set of this video and wound up marrying the guy. This song is a gem!

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