Find Encouragement Through Handwritten Manifestos Left At PROCLAMATION! Miami

2017-01-30 22-02-58

Just one week after a painstakingly goodbye to President Obama, we left our woes on the dance floor during PROCLAMATION! at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach. In natural Saint Heron House fashion, we dedicated our energy towards releasing our truths in fellowship, making self-care an obligation, and exuding self-love and love for others with purpose.

Before entering the celebration on the hotel’s facilities, attendees were asked to hand-write intimate decrees for living in the present and looking toward the future. Their responses were like sunshine on a cloudy day. Take a look and uplift your spirits.

2017-01-30 22-03-34

2017-01-30 22-04-08

2017-01-30 22-04-36

2017-01-30 22-05-00

2017-01-30 22-05-21

2017-01-30 22-05-42

2017-01-30 22-06-09

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