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Interview: Lorna Simpson

Spanning 30 years in the art world, creating and exhibiting art, Lorna Simpson champions the freedom of identity: race, sexuality and gender. Much like Prince, one may wonder if there isn’t an art medium that she cannot master. Photographer, Collagist, Painter, Filmmaker, Illustrator, and yes the list goes on. Over the summer, we chatted with…

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Interview: Toyin Ojih Odutola

Toyin Ojih Odutola is all about inclusion. Whether it is placing her maternal lineage in the middle of her signature or cleverly placing a mirror to the viewer’s socio-cultural ideals, as they stare at her works, in her current exhibition “Of Context and Without.” Wise beyond her years, and very needed at this time, Toyin…

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Interview: Robert Pruitt

Robert Pruitt, a contemporary griot, creates narratives via drawings, sculpture, and photography that the Signifying Monkey would be proud of. Layered in Black aesthetics and identity, Pruitt’s life-size figures become tricksters who tell tales through contrasting signs, poses, and dress. These Heroes and Heroines are everyday people, like us, who are masked in references to…

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Interview: February James

February James is the sort of name you’d give a bad ass girl band, who rivals Betty Davis, or a misunderstood leading lady, of the Nola Darling variety. She’s not quite the nasty gal, but she’s gotta have a penchant for wandering, and attracting women who are seemingly lost on their journeys of self-exploration. An…

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Interview: The Studio Museum Harlem

Robert Pruitt, “Untitled 3” The artistic cultural production and cultural theory that is Afrofuturism has long used the fantastical and Science Fiction elements of robotics and aliens, to solve the inequality of colonialism by transcending the social limitations of Black Diasporic life in Western society. Although appearing cosmically perfect,  it cannot be denied that Afrofuturism’s history is far…

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Image via Kravhets|Webhy.

Interview: Nina Chanel Abney & Charlie Roberts

Image via Kravets|Webhy. Enigmatic like a Das EFX song, the bold, colorful works that Chicagoan visual artist, Nina Chanel Abney creates, blur the lines of abstract and figurative art. A coded deconstruction of contemporary culture, Abney’s work leaves her viewers investigating every inch of the paper or canvas, actively attempting to decipher the meaning of…

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Black girl White girl Black girl

Interview: Devin Troy Strother

Black girl White girl Black girl, Devin Troy Strother. In “If  He Hollers, Let Him Go”, Rachel Kaadzi’s Ghansah’s penetrating essay on “the post-Dave Chappelle” era we find ourselves within presently, the essayist delves deeply into the comedian’s politically conscious upbringing. Underscoring the Pan-Africanist and Black intellectualist roots of Chappelle’s mother and father, Ghansah argues that perhaps…

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Interview: Rashaad Newsome

Harmoniously blending the dichotomy of Urban Baroque and Propaganda, artist Rashaad Newsome takes the grandiose aesthetics of urban African American culture and renders it into Pop Royalty.

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