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Word To The Woman: Joeonna Bellorado Samuels

Joeonna Bellorado Samuels is the director of New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery. Samuels believes supportive bonds and community is integral to women’s growth as we navigate our professional world as well as ourselves. Get to know Samuels for Word To The Woman below:

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Maad*Moiselle Is A Multifaceted Artist Who’s Bringing Disco Back

Music is a multi-sensory discovery where visuals and sounds multiply to give an overall feel –bonus points when its authentic. We recently came across New York songstress Maad*Moiselle‘s latest tune, “Sweet & Low” and became immediately seduced by her overall stylish delivery. “Sweet & Low” is sprinkled with vibes reminiscent of disco’s golden area which…

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Scola Dondo Teaches A Cultural Approach To Fitness In Her Afrobeat Workout Videos

Not only does winning to the beat look enticing, but its great for the body as well. 19-year-old, UK-based Scola Dondo meshes her Zimbabwean roots with fitness through her Afrobeat themed exercise videos. Her videos not only encourage a completely fun approach to fitness but they are aiding in the discovery of the Afrobeat genre.…

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Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Hip-Hop Inspired Clutches

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s lifestyle company, Goop, recently launched two hip-hop inspired clutches for a pretty penny — $1,695 to be exact. The two  dual sided, shimmering clutches — designed alongside Edie Parker — feature a pair of rapper’s names on each side.  As awards season creeps closer, it’ll be an interesting photo-op to catch a Hollywood…

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Check Out Imaan Hammam’s Latest Vogue UK Editorial

Model Imaan Hammam‘s “Urban Renaissance” Vogue UK editorial breathes effortless sophistication. The fashion selection courtesy of Francesca Burns gives us a sneak peak of the patterns and silhouettes that will be all over the streets come Fall. I love the undone touch Hammam adds through her fresh face and tasseled hair. Despite high fashion’s often…

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Rihanna Named Contributing Creative Director of Stance Socks

Alongside her role at PUMA and everything else design, Rihanna has landed yet another fashion fête. Today, the multi hyphenate dropped a limited edition sock in various styles to begin her reign. Check out the socks below. The full collection drops in September. Murder Rih Wrote Over The Knee Murder Rih Wrote Mens Murder Rih Wrote

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Nubian Skin Lingerie Truly Has A Nude For Every Shade

At last! Ladies, the nude lingerie debacle for melanin-kissed tones has a solution by the way of Nubian Skin. Nubian Skin launched last year in the UK and is has now crossed over into the US market via Nordstrom. The line’s color guide is super helpful as it matches its four shades (Berry, Café Au…

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Check Out Hand-Written Wishes From Our Guests At The Debut ‘Proclamation’ Brooklyn Party

Tucked into a corner of Malcolm X Boulevard and MacDonough Street in Bed-Stuy lies Casablanca Cocktail Lounge, the historical watering hole where we held our debut Proclamation event series. From 9pm to 4pm the dance floor was packed with fellowship and jams, as DJ Silence, DJ Lindsey, and DJ Just Dizle kept us anticipating the next throwback and current R&B gems to…

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Sudanese Model Nykhor Paul Is Tired Of Apologizing For Her Blackness

There’s no denying professionalism and preparation are close friends. However, imagine arriving at work to find your co-workers completely unprepared to assist with the day’s main task. In the real world, this wouldn’t fly, but apparently the fashion industry allows makeup artists to slack in regards to the care of black models. Sudanese model Nykhor…

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Audio: Lorenzo Asher, “Liverpool” Feat. Michael Christmas

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer Lorenzo Asher releases “Liverpool,” featuring Michael Christmas. According to Asher, the easy-rider sparked as a result of a shroom-induced conversation about tantric sex. The tune’s influences are evident in its trippy notes and very seductive refrain. Check it out below via The FADER. Lorenzo Asher’s Tsukuyomi project drops later this year.

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Kendrick Lamar Confronts Gang Violence With Reebook Collaboration

The delight of Kendrick Lamar‘s artistry is always wrapped in fine details. Just last week, he dropped an epic cinematic experience for my personal theme song, “Alright.” Now, through a dual concept of white Reebok Ventilators — one pair etched with blue and the other red — Lamar addresses the inter-gang violence that rattles his…

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Rihanna Is Launching Her Own Clothing Line

If you check Rihanna‘s track record, you’ll find the fashion industry is her second lane. Over the past two years our favorite island girl has designed collections with River Island, joined Puma as creative director, and became the first black spokeswoman for Dior. So now, It should come at no surprise that Riri is set…

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