How much emotion can be captured in one night? Starchild not only exhibits feelings of lust, love, and all that lies in between displayed in his sonic expression, Night Music, but he does it with an admirable, successful simplicity. Raw yet refined, intimate tracks feature only a piano and his vocals ranging from sensitive falsetto to longing low notes. This is executed with such sincerity that you feel as if he’s only singing to you. Every note, finger snap, melodic break, misstep, and sample are deliberately arranged in an organic, thoughtful composition. It is pure music. Never short of talent, he shows his rhyme range in hip hop based tracks like “Computer Games” featuring witty metaphors rooted in cultural references of the millennial generation. In layman’s terms? He can sing you out of your clothes and make you laugh with nerdy rhymes. The evolution will be televised. Shine bright, Starchild.


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