Photo Tyrone Lebon

The at times illusive, Sampha Sisay, very well could be nestled in any music library unbeknownst to the listener, but not for long. With a repertoire of collaborations including SBTRKT, Jessie Ware, and most recently Drake, this British songster is carving out a permanent place in music. The allure that surrounds his persona is also mimicked sonically. With haunting vocals inarguably rooted in soul, Sampha brings forth rich vibratos and painful falsettos that posses the versatilely to oscillate between an electro house track seen in SBTRKT collaboration, “Trials Of The Past” and classic piano harmonies. His voice yields itself to introspective melodies of heartbreak and love. Bravery in hand, he is able to channel deeply personal content such as his father’s passing in, “Can’t Get Close”. Honesty being the catalyst to relatability, it’s impossible not to feel him. Pervasively emotive lyrics summon your most personal moments to the forefront.  The music acting as a therapeutic release for both artist and audience. The result? A refreshing, thoughtful, innovative, and unforgettable approach to Rhythm & Blues.



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