Photo Matteo Scaglione

Through the warm, consistent lick of accompanying guitar strings and a punchy percussion, Jade de la Fleurs lush vocals announce themselves to the listener on her Jaded EP’s lead single, “Freedom”. With a stripped down and spare melody, the deeply emotive message and performance from the Bayou-born chanteuse is able to propel, she singing clearly and pointedly of the sweet rewards of autonomy and self-resilience. The up-tempo pace and triumphant tone of “Freedom” stand in contrast to the darker passion which readily surfaces on de la Fleur’s follow up single, “Jaded”. Centered on the subject of heartbreak, the record’s confessional lyrics—written in collaboration with industry vet, Corey Chorus—transports the listener to the agonizing center of love lost and dulled emotions. However, it is the single, “Brown Box”, wild with metaphor and innuendo, that affords de la Fleur the chance to play with her performance. Backed by a reggae-tinged melody, the singer winks and suggests through her lyrics, but hardly outright discloses what is “encased.” Instead, the singer coerces you to examine her lyrics closer for the answer, allowing the listener to fall in even deeper with the absorbing R&B songstress.

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