India Shawn


If India Shawn were a color, she’d be blue. Angelic and cool, you can literally feel the Los Angeles native’s voice soar over the modern beats and soft sounds of Origin, her debut album. And then, all at once, that whimsical blue turns navy and India Shawn delivers the grittiness of L.A. with an occasional guttural note or lyric over newly introduced drums — the realness of hip-hop tempered with the soul of Rhythm and Blue greats that browsed stories similar to the ones she tells in her folksy but intimate songs…stories of life we’ll never tire of hearing. With writing credits under her belt for Chris Brown, Monica, Diddy Dirty Money and El Debarge, India Shawn is now packaging her own juxtaposing sounds for a musical experience that is both visceral in sound and nostalgic for the soul.

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