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Xavier Omär’s ‘Pink Lightning’ EP is Tempestuous Joy

After making himself top priority over a toxic relationship in “Runnin’ Around,” Xavier Omär‘s romantic story continues unfolding in the Pink Lightning EP. Much like all real life romantic encounters, these love songs reveal tempestuous joy. The unease of detaching from expired love in the opening track blossoms into colorful feelings of being happily “Stuck” with…

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Audio: Xavier Omär, “Runnin’ Round”

When Xavier Omär loves you, you can count on him for straight talk to reel you back should you ever stray too far from who he fell in love with. But not in a helplessly weepy “baby, please come back to me” kind of way. Today, the Texas-born singer-songwriter shares his latest single “Runnin’ Round”…

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ICYMI: Xavier Omar Gets Confessional in New Single, “Afraid”

This is a voice you cannot forget, and you might’ve heard before under a different moniker. Xavier Omar is set on reintroducing himself after singing under SPZRKT, and you may recognize it from the warm, romantic and relatable collaboration EP with Sango, Hours Spent Loving You released early 2015. In collaboration with Red Bull’s Sound Select…

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Audio: Xavier Omär, “Grown Woman”

Xavier Omär executed a flawless performance at AfroPunk Brooklyn this year, so fans are thrilled to already be receiving a brand new single from the artist formerly known as SPZRKT. The breezy Thelonious Martin produced track, entitled “Grown Woman” is light and laid back with enough groove to induce some serious head bopping. Omär’s feathery…

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AfroPunk Fest 2016 Was A Celebration of Black Magic

Gorgeous people, good times, high vibes and amazing music were abundant this weekend in Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park for AfroPunk Fest 2016. The only music festival for creatives, weirdos and regular everyday people brought men and women from around the world to NYC for a weekend of communal love and positive energy exchanges. The festival,…

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