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Audio: Nick Hakim, “Green Twins”

Eclectic soul singer Nick Hakim is gearing up for his biggest release yet, his debut album Green Twins, which is slated to hit the shelves May 19. The Brooklyn-based artist has carved out a unique niche within the engulfing neo-soul header, dashing in technicolor highs and brassy low beats to produce a woozy, dream-like ride throughout every…

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KING Is Set To Tour Alongside Nick Hakim & Joey Dosik

Just yesterday, we shared footage of the powerhouse that is KING‘s live set at this year’s SXSW and after catching up with trio to discuss creating their own musical destiny in the realm of R&B, we are super excited that they’ve announced fall tour dates beginning in September at the Monterey Jazz Festival. While on…

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7 Songs That Make The Ladies of KING ‘Wine & Grind’

The majestic ladies of KING will be bringing their talents to New Orleans this evening. As we prepare for tonight’s show, the trio, composed of Anita Bias and twin sisters Amber and Paris Strother, is sharing 7 songs that make them Wine & Grind! With signature cuts from The S.O.S Band to N.E.R.D., these dreamy…

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Bed-Stuy, Rendered with Care

Over the din of hungover brunching and playful chatter he and I added our own version of speak–his musings spiced with a velvety lisp, my ramblings staccato-like, punctuated at the start of a new thought which began at the end of an unfinished one. After a few minutes we ping ponged memories from our childhood…

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