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The Super Spirit of Junie Morrison

I remember the first time I heard Junie Morrison‘s “Super Spirit“…Q-Tip played it for me one night in his studio in Jersey. No song had ever made me feel quite like it. It tapped into places and spiritual frequencies that I couldn’t even put into words. I listened to it on loop for an hour,…

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Funk Legend Junie Morrison Talks Being Part of Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ Inspiration

As a producer, writer, keyboardist and vocalist Junie Morrison made waves in the 1970’s with the Ohio Players and later as a solo artist. Now, the music man responsible for writing and producing for one of funk’s most major sounds, Parliament-Funkadelic, has been named the muse for our boss lady Solange’s upbeat and rhythmic track, “Junie,”…

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Saint Heron Remembers Funk King Walter “Junie” Morrison

The iconic Walter “Junie” Morrison has passed away at the age of 62, OkayPlayer reports. The multi-talented Ohio native and founder of legendary funk band The Ohio Players is the mastermind behind those funked up, synthy grooves from the ’70s that heralded a permanent shift in music. Morrison was also a contributing member of Parliament-Funkadelic…

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Today Marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Solange’s Wholly Grail Hymnal ‘A Seat at the Table’

On September 30, 2016, Solange’s third full-length studio album A Seat at the Table arrived with a host of expectations from supporters (and general spectators). What would earn our fearless leader her first Billboard No. 1 album, first SNL performance, first Grammy win, first Webby award and an array of other firsts was so much…

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