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Audio: Diana Gordon, “Kool Aid”

Diana Gordon‘s first single of the year has arrived and it’s a tuneful dreamscape of sweet nostalgia and undying love. The NYC-born singer/songwriter packs Punk and Soul elements into “Kool Aid,” a heartfelt attestation that welcomes the lyrics’ muse(s) to her forever-open arms. Metaphorically singing of a childhood staple drink to bring that universal sense…

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Diana Gordon Defines Womanhood In Visual for Feminist Anthem “Woman”

Diana Gordon amplified her spotlight when she emerged from the shadows of Wynter Gordon. Her most recent single “Woman” removed all doubt that the multi-faceted singer-songwriter is now here to stay. In her new video, she pulls back the many layers that define what it means to be a woman. She makes it crystal clear…

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Audio: Diana Gordon, “Woman”

Black girl magic reigns supreme and that fact won’t change. Diana Gordon shares the sentiment as she screams it’s truth from the mountaintops with her newest release, “Woman”. Because you can never have too many, we’re thrilled to add another infectious girl power cut to our get-things-done playlist. Gordon’s gritty vocals are the perfect accessory…

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Wynter Gordon Returns As Diana Gordon For “The Legend Of”

Diana Gordon, formerly known as Wynter Gordon, reintroduces herself on her newest track “The Legend Of.” After ditching her former moniker, along with an unfulfilling record deal, she uses her latest endeavor to expose her true identity. The Queens native has been writing for other artists for over 10 years and recently earned some major credits…

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Brent Faiyaz Announces Sonder Son Tour

With his album Sonder Son filling our hearts with love and 90’s nostalgia, Brent Faiyaz recently announced that he’d be taking those feels on tour. Spanning 18 cities in roughly a month’s time, the tour will begin in 2018 with a January 30th kick-off in Chicago, IL. Coming along for the “Sonder Son Tour” are Diana Gordon and Amber Olivier, each a…

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Listen To Our Favorite Jams of August

August came with a few heat waves, but fortunately for us, the music kept us cool. Summer may be over, but we’re still on cloud nine with a melodic funk that warms any ambiance. Celebrate womanhood with Diana Gordon’s “Woman,” then let your melanin shine dancing to Brasstracks’ “Melanin Man.” Get into your feelings with Syd’s…

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Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Reminds Us That We’re All Subconscious Art Collectors

By now, we’ve all shed a tear over the epic cover for Kendrick Lamar‘s new album, To Pimp A Butterfly — which had a surprise drop last night and is available via iTunes a week before it’s scheduled release date. Shot by French photog, Denis Rouvre, the album cover sticks true to Rouvre’s devotion to making each…

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Johnson Publishing Sells A Legacy

After spending last year grappling with the appropriation of hip-hop and street style, it looks like our history is up for sale as well. In attempts to raise much-needed funds, Johnson Publishing, home to the (now exclusively online) Jet and Ebony magazines, is selling their entire photo archive for a whopping $40 million. Desiree Rogers,…

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Back, Back: Saint Heron Reflect on 2013

With imminent moments of cascading confetti, midnight kisses, and the comforting assurance of the idyllic that a new year embodies, it seems most apropos to revisit the events that ushered in 2014. In the spirit of the evocative, the women of take a retrospective look at 2013. From a curated soundscape that captured noteworthy…

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